Training Programs

Giddy Up Rides Training Program

We will provide initial training programs for you and your operators. Over the phone training is available at no cost which is included in your package purchased. (no on-site training). We anticipate that training will provide the business owners and their operators with a firm understanding of how to operate, maintain and grow their sales.

We may periodically offer additional training programs to you covering various subjects, such as new products, procedures, marketing, customer services, bookkeeping, and industrial/legal development. We may offer additional training programs once a year over the phone.


Training Program Outline:

  • Corporate & Training Overview, Marketing, Store environment introduction
  • Main Operator training
  • Assistant Operator training
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Children’s Safety
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Amusement ride opening procedures
  • Amusement ride closing procedures
  • Cash and inventory management Training
  • Store management & operations, equipment maintenance, ride safety & handling, product ordering procedures, customer service training


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