Steps To Own

A. Browse through our website and get better acquainted with our products and services. We have various types of machines to fit all of your business needs. In case you would like a Giddy Up Rides representative to contact you (for a free consultation), fill out our application (a representative will respond to you within 24-48 hours) / or call us direct at 888-800-3133 x2. You can always email at wholesale(at)

B. Your animal quantity purchase should depend on your allowed space, traffic and size of the venue or mall. Remember, purchasing more animals doesn’t always equate to more profits. Because there are multiple ways to run an Animal Ride business, we suggest allowing us to assist you in your business decision process (generally 8-12 animals is our recommendation @ location).

C. Prepare and obtain information about the basic terms of the lease, such as length, rent, and the feasibility of operating the Animal Rides at the location (applicable only to onsite operators). Depending on your agreed start date, please allow yourself 4-6 weeks prior to reserve your machines and coordinate your delivery dates for the Animal Rides.

D. When you have a lease date or preliminary start date…make your purchase. Our Giddy Up Rides Sales Representatives will draft up a proforma invoice outlining the order and the details of your delivery charges. Our accepted payment methods: bank wire, ACH, direct bank deposit, bank issued cashier’s check or credit card.

E. We ship from Baldwin Park, California. Our general shipping lead time anywhere in the 48 intercontinental States is 7-10 working days. All of our products are securely boxed, put on pallets, shrink wrapped and insured. We can ship to your residence or place of business using a lift gate truck. Drop off is only curbside, we do not provide inside delivery.


Note 1: acceptance of the proposed location does not equate to the success of the future business. It simply indicates that the location meets our minimum location requirements.

Note 2: You should consult with your attorney, commercial real estate agent in negotiating and finalizing the lease agreement. Consult your attorney or financial adviser whether to form a business entity, and the type of business entity, in conducting the business.