Giddy Up Rides FAQ


1: How much should I pay for these Animal Rides?
GUR: Giddy Up Rides offers a haggle free Flat Rate Pricing, making it simple for our customers. Start off with what you can afford and always know that you can order more. Shipping charges will vary depending on your location.

2: Why buy from Giddy Up Rides versus other China imports?
GUR: Even though our machines are also manufactured in China, we employ our own team of R&D, DESIGNERS and QC staff, to assure every ride-on electric animal is to utmost highest of standards. We manufacture machines using better quality components, such as, larger motors, thicker gauge steel, high thread count flame retardant plush, larger batteries and better electronic parts according to Consumer Safety Product Improvement Act (CSPIA) standards. Our animal designs are modern and realistic, making it very desirable to kids and adults alike. In addition, we have our knowledgeable staff (Sales, Customer Service, Tech Support) and shipping facility onshore, here in California.

3: What certifications does Giddy Up Rides hold?
GUR: Our machines are tested according to CPSIA standards. We do have testing certification from accredited testing labs internationally from SGS, UL and CE.

4: What is the difference from your Coin, Non-Coin Animals and MINI’s?
GUR: Our coin operated animals have all of the bells and whistle needed for an owner absentee operation. It has the ability to count the number of rides and operates on a timer system. The non-coin operated machines (our BASIC base models) are great for owner present and (mobile & events) based operators. Both our Coin and Non-Coin operated animals are designed for business use in; Malls or any outdoor events. MINI’s are great for resale or can be used for smaller children between the ages of 3-8yrs old.   Click here for our product comparison chart

5: Do you charge Royalty fees?
GUR: No, because we are not a franchise we do not charge Royalty fee. We do, however give each of our prospect client’s FREE tools, advice and consulting from start to finish.

6: Do you offer product and business training?
GUR: We do offer both product and business training as part of your purchase. There is no additional fee for our knowledge. We will provide you with as much know-how prior to you starting your business. Your success is our success.

7: Will you help us find a location or will we have to find our own?
GUR: Most individuals will actively find their location on their own unless they request our assistance. Once you locate an available space please inform us. We will assist you with making the right assessment for the number of animals needed and suggestion in the pre-setup process.

8: Are there any requirements on location?
GUR: If enclosed, space size should be about 300-500 square foot. Preferably “Free Range” (the ability to roam throughout the whole mall) should be best. A high visibility location with busy foot traffic is a plus (unless you are a mobile business). Also, a location surrounded by multiple stores is a plus. Locations can be indoor or outdoor. Flooring must be a smooth hard surface (eg. concrete, pavement and even short hair carpet. No Grass or uneven dirt road.

9: How long does it usually take to have an Animal Ride location opened?
GUR: Typically, it will take 45-60 days to open a location. But the actual time depends on various factors, including lease negotiation, location setup planning, licenses, city permits, liability insurance, employee hire etc.

10: How much is average gross sales for an Animal Ride location?
GUR: The financial performance or profitability of an Animal Ride location will vary, depending on store location, space (free range or enclosed fenced area), management skill, operation experience, and numerous other factors. An estimate of a proposed location would be too speculative to be meaningful. Thus, as a matter of policy, we do not make any earning claims. None of our employees or agents are authorized to provide you with projections to your earnings, sales, or profitability. We urge you to retain the services of experienced professionals such as financial advisers or accountants, etc.

11: How much money can I charge per ride?
GUR: Typically, you can charge $1.00 @ minute. The range to stay profitable is anywhere between $0.50 to $1.00 @ minute (eg: $5 for 5 minutes, $10 for 12 minutes, $15 for 20 minutes).

12: How many employees will I need?
GUR: An average store location with 8-12 electric animal scooters will require 1 Full Time employee or 2 part time employees.

13: How many machines will I need to start?
GUR: On average you will need 8 -12 machines to start, however it depends on your budget.  In case if your business is mobile, then 4-6 pcs will be adequate.

14: Are the machines easy to maintain?
GUR: Yes, machines are fairly simple to maintain. All electronic components (spare parts) are available here in our California facility and easily interchangeable. Spare parts can be purchased online on our ebay store or via telephone. We recommend keeping a multi tool set onsite with adequate spare parts ready to go. Remember, we offer unlimited Tech Support to all of our customers 7 days a weeks. As for the exterior fur, cleaning is very easy. All you need is a fabric spray cleaner and dry cloth (spot clean and air dry).

15: What is your warranty period?
GUR: Our 45 days limited warranty starts from the day you receive your animals. We guarantee that the animals will arrive to you in working condition free of any defects both in components and workmanship. Thereafter, your unlimited tech support will kick in as long as you own the animals.

16: How long does it take to ship and what’s the availability?
GUR: It generally takes 48 hours to prepare your order from time of payment. Thereafter shipping lead times in the continental USA (48 States) is 5-7 working days. We carry the largest stock inventory in over 24 designs with over 1000 machines ready for immediate operation. We also do export to Canada, UK and Australia (freight lead time and cost, to be determined

17: Where can I get General Liability Insurance?
GUR: Depending on the dollar amount requested by the property management, (generally 1 to 2 million), General Liability rates will vary. Most premium insurers will NOT insure these Animal Ride businesses. But do not worry, rest assured, we will get you insured by the best experienced insurer that specializes in our type of business (insurance referral only applicable to USA operators).



Why buy from Giddy Up Rides?

  • The animal ride is the fastest growing mall base business in North America!
  • We are the largest animal ride seller here in the USA, and have been manufacturing these machines for over 8 years.
  • We are the only manufacturer which makes commercial grade machines, purely designed and built for operators to use in a business setting.
  • Highest resell value! Our machines fetch 60% of your original purchase price when you decide to sell you machines used
  • Full stock inventory available in LA, California (over 1000 animals in 24 styles) available for immediate ship!
  • Our rides are approved for mall use, with full compliance certification approvals accepted in most State and City license agencies, insurance companies and fire department.
  • Business is easy to operate and requires minimal employees.
  • We offer full business training and product training to help you start your business at NO CHARGE.
  • We offer unlimited tech support to all customers for as long as they own their machines. All spare parts are available in our California facility ready to ship on a moments notice. Spare parts can be purchased on our E-Bay store or by calling into our Customer Service line at 888-800-3133 x2
  • Marketing materials and wording needed for signs (rules, regulations, wavier indemnification) will be provided as part of the business training process.
  • We will get all of the operators who buy our machines liability insurance at a discounted rate.